About Capital Punishment

Ever since the start of humanity, killing each other has been a part of man’s existence. There are times that killing happened for no reason, sometimes, as part of ritual or custom and oftentimes, out of necessity. At present, this heinous practice is still prevalent in our society, which is the main reason why capital punishment or death penalty is created. There are sectors which are not in favor of this type of punishment and most of them probably are not very familiar with the capital punishment facts.

Capital punishment, also known as death penalty, is the act of taking the person his life by putting him to death. This can be an act of retribution for the crime/s he had committed or to make sure that he not will again commit such heinous crime. This punishment is carried out following a legal system judgment. 

Capital punishment is a term derived from the word capitalis, a Latin word for head. The term was used to describe this kind of punishment in the past wherein a person literally loses his head. Most countries, at a certain point in their history, have employed capital punishment, but in modern times, the punishment is only practiced by few nations.

Capital punishment is in fact a form of criminal execution that has been adopted for many years. Although there are still no clear justifications, a lot of debates and arguments regarding the capital punishment facts state that it is just fair. A lot of reasons were already cited as a support or campaign against the practice. Supporters say it is a form of crime deterrent, while those people who are against it are firm that it cannot deter the crimes and instead, lowers the levels of the government morals.

The capital punishment implementation in the US started in 1608 and in the past two centuries, it went through several reforms. Death penalty application is very rare and most of the times, implemented only on cases of aggravated murder. Its implementation was also abolished in some states and territories in the US.

Penal purposes were the earliest use of capital punishment. The methods of carrying out the punishment were really terrifying. It includes flaying or burning the person alive. These methods were typical in several countries in Medieval Europe. In the US, the electric chair and lethal injection was invented to make the process less horrifying.

Finding about the capital punishment facts can greatly help in the awareness of its advantages as well as the disadvantages. The issues about death penalty are a never ending topic of debates among countries which are still practicing it, including America. Several religious organizations are very open in their campaign against death penalty. You can no longer find any country in Europe practicing capital punishment since it is already prohibited by the Article 2 of Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

Capital Punishment Facts in Christianity

The execution of an individual and the process of taking away someone else’s life is an extremely sensitive topic in different religions all over the world. Christianity is one of the largest religions and people within the congregation are torn between agreeing with death penalty and disagreeing on the process based on their own understanding of capital punishment facts. The bible is considered as the fundamental source of all teaching by Christians. Unfortunately, even the Holy Bible has separate views More...

Capital Punishment Facts

Death penalty, also referred to as capital punishment, is a term used for describing the act of depriving a person of life or putting him to death either to ensure that he cannot commit crimes in the future or as a retribution act, after legal system judgment. The term capital punishment comes from the Latin word capitalis which means head. It describes the fact that capital punishment historically involved losing the head of a person. At some point, most countries More...

Pro or Anti

If you want to select a position over capital punishment issues, decide whether or not it is moral to sentence individuals to death. In case you believe that it is generally morally unacceptable, selecting a position over other issues about the capital punishment may not be difficult. But if you believe that the capital punishment is acceptable, then you need to consider a lot more issues. Decide whether or not the capital punishment prevents forthcoming crime more effectively than lifetime More...

Facts about its Early History

There are a lot of historians who have gathered several capital punishment facts that will support the fact that this type of penalty was utilized in some of the earliest civilizations of the world. There are a lot of evidences wherein the Greeks and the Romans have specific written laws about the application of the death penalty in their law and punishment system. In ancient times, capital punishment was applied not only by a large kingdom but it was also More...